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First Impression Matters

Online reputation management is one is of the most famous service of digital marketing. It is a way of holding a strong and positive presence of the brand on web. As negative content about the brand on internet can leads to business loss so its more of a process to neutralize the fake negative content upload by your competitor and is more likely like SEO. ORM helps brand fight negative content used by rival brands to defame your brand.

Build Positive Impact : DigiEgg

At DigiEgg, we help you manage the reputation of your brand online so as you don’t loose your business online because of the negative content uploaded by the competitor. We help you build a postive impression about your brand in your potential audience eyes by our sucessful win-win strategy. All this process helps in getting better engagement with the potential audience, we ensure that we pretect your brand values at any cost. We revert back to every review that we recieve about your brand on all types of web platform and make sure that no negative or fake review is drawn online which could lead to business loss. We help you build a positive impression by listing your business on different reviews sites, by launching a blog post representing the real image of your brand, listing on different forums, launching onliine press release and much more. This whole comprehensive process helps your brand build a strong online prescence which no competitor can destroy.

In a Digitally Connected World a Byte of Data can Boost or Bite your Brand.

6 Reputation Fix

Remove Negative SERP

We help you and your brand by cleaning negative online content by supressing or removing the blogs or article ranked defaming your brand image by our win win strategies.

Fix Google Auto Suggest

In this we help you out eliminate google suggested negative keywords with suitable favourable keyword as because these negative keywords can effect and lead to deformation of your brand image.

Clear Negative Reviews

We help you by suppressing the negative reviews with the positive reviews on all types of reviewing platform so that your potential audience can get to know the real you and you can win your audience trust.

Business Reputation Management

We help you build a positive brand image online whether your brand is a Big enterprise or an SME because having a bad impression can loose the potential client for both be it SME or a Big Enterprise.

Personal Reputation Management

We help you build and boost your positive online presence whether you are Entrepreneur, Celebrity, Doctor or any Influential Personality. As along with offline image it is also important you have a positive online presence.

Link Removal

In this we help you delete or take down all types of negative links defaming your brand or personality like negative urls, press release , YouTube video or complaint forum pages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ORM is a process of improving a brand’s image that is defamed by the competitors in order to steal business. In this we help the brand by diluting the nagative content such as comments or blogs.

As in the world of digital era, the audience is approaching your brand online but before reaching to you they are always intresed in your online prescne like reviews or your angagement. So it is necessary to build a positive reputation online.

Generally its take anywhere between 1-2 months for the initial results but permenent removal can take anywhere betweeen 3-10 months.

This could take take anywhere between 1-4 weeks as because removing reviews on web is next to impossible but we work on diluting negative content with more of postive content so that your potential audience see’s the good side of your brand.

It is totally dependent on the two factors which are:
1-Amount on Negative Content
2-Difficulty Level to address negative Content.
The whole process take few months to vanish all the nagtive content.

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Lets Discuss over a Coffee?