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Email Marketing is one of the most old method of marketing but is most famous and effective. This strategy is practically proven to turn your potential audience into prospects. Moreover it is the best strategy for re-marketing to reach out your prospects to turn into loyal long time prospects. Reach out to audience vial email looks more professional and ethical, it helps in building trust with the potential audience.

Grow with Prospect E-mails: DigiEgg

At DigiEgg, we help you with the most updates strategies of email marketing. We help you generate potential audience data from all sorts of different platforms by grabbing their information via subscription forms, Generating high quality professional content, template design, lead list, campaign creating is all of our responsibility to achieve higher ROI. But nothing does live or in your potential audience mailbox without your approval. Our team is highly experience in developing the content which can actually help attract your potential audience and turn them into prospects. This is the most inexpensive method of marketing in today’s era. This method of marketing has been proven as the best practice to reach out the existing prospect with news offers at regular interval without spamming and turning them into long time loyal consumers.

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Our E-mail Marketing Process

Gather Potential Leads

Our very first step is to ether authentic data for email marketing via different platforms or via forms in order to achieve higher ROI.

Strategy Planning

Once the data collection process is completed, we move towards planning of strategies in order to utilize the date collected very efficiently in order to extract more output.

Setting-Up Campaign

We Structure the campaigns according to the finalized strategies and create multiple campaign to test out the best campaign for effective outcomes.

Analytics & Reporting

After the campaigns go live, we analyse that which campaign has performed the best according to the statistics and then finalize one strategy. We provide detail report at certain set intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

As in today’s date everyone at-least access their emails at-least once a week so your presence in their mail box is must. Email marketing is a very cost effective marketing way of grabbing your potential audience attention and for re-marketing. This can also be refereed as broadcast marketing in which you broadcast your message to your potential audience.

We don’t recommend buying an email list as the data that you purchase may or may not be having potential audience for your business, as a result this might result in negative ROI for your business. So, rather creating one of your own can prove to be more beneficial for your business.

We consider sending email once a week is the best marketing practice. As sending more than than can be considered as spamming, as a result you end up even loosing the audience that might be interested in you.

Our expert content writers are always here to help you out with the professional content which could help you attract your potential audience.

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Lets Discuss over a Coffee?